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Our Story

The Wet Fish Shop is a shop that has been open for many years, situated on the beautiful Cobb in Lyme Regis. 

In 2018, after returning from travelling around South East Asia, We (Hollie & Dan) took over the shop from its previous owner. Dan is a local man, growing up in Beer and spending most of his life fishing and being on boats. Dan is a highly skilled fishmonger with years of experience, working to an exceptional standard at all times. Dan is the face you will see in the shop most days. Hollie on the other hand has a life long fear of fish- oops! This has slowly changed over the years of having the shop, but Hollie  deals with the other side to running the business. Over the years, we have welcomed 2 of our own babies, one who is already looking set to become your future fishmonger! 

We are proud to be a small family run business and have a small team working for us. Everything we do is done by us as a team with no middle man. Dan travels to market 2-3 times a week to buy all our beautiful fresh fish which Dan and the team then prepare in shop ready to sell to you. As well as plenty of variety of fresh fish, we also have out very popular Ready to Eat Shellfish counter. 

Thank you for visiting our site to see what we have to offer & any questions, please feel free to send us a message! 

Thank you 

Dan, Hollie & The Wet Fish Shop Team! 

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