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How to cook Live Crabs & Lobsters

We sell our Crabs & Lobsters cooked and ready to eat for you. However, if you are ever lucky enough to catch your own, we have step by step guides here on how to cook them perfectly!

Cooking Lobsters 

Cooking Lobsters is not something many people like to do, due to the fact they are cooked alive. However, this is the most humane way to do so, as the lobsters die almost instantly. Lobsters DO NOT scream or make any noise when being cooked, this is a myth, so don't panic, and follow our simple steps to cooking a delicious Lobster!

- Firstly, make sure you have a pot big enough and deep enough to fully submerge the lobster. 

- Keep the lobster to one side and fill the pot with water and bring to the boil (lobsters can survive longer out of water than you think!). Adding some salt is recommended.

- When the water is fully boiled, (this may take 5-10 minutes), add the lobster fully, making sure it is submerged.  

- Boil the lobster for 20 minutes.

- Remove the lobster and leave to cool. 

- To check the lobster is cooked properly, when cool, pull back the tail and let go, this should spring straight back. Springy tail = Perfect Lobster!

- Cut the Lobster in half down the middle and enjoy!

Cooking Crabs 

Crabs are cooked following the same steps as lobster, just a tweak to the timings.

-Again make sure you have a large enough pot for your crab(s).

- Add water and salt and bring to the boil. 

- Once boiled, fully submerge the crab and leave to boil for approx. 12-15mins depending on size. 

- Leave crab to cool before picking. Did you know, you don't need any fancy equipment to pick a crab, just a spoon! We have a simple guide to picking crab HERE. 

- Enjoy that delicious crab meat!  

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