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Wet Fish

Our counter is always packed with the most beautiful, fresh fish from our waters!  Dan personally buys all our fish from Brixham fish market, 2-3 times a week, only buying off smaller day boats so fish hasn't been sitting on a boat out at sea for days. By doing this, fish goes from sea to our shop in under 24 hours and  we get to make sure we maintain our high standard of produce at all times! 

We pride ourselves on having a wide range of species, however, this will depend on seasons as certain fish are only available at certain times of year. This also means, our counter is never the same and different everyday. Always feel free to call or message us if you would like to check we have a certain species in store for you. 

All fish is brought back to the shop as whole fish where Dan and our small team of fishmongers will prepare your fish to your requirements. Our fish mongering is done to an exceptional standard, ready for you to take home and cook!

You are welcome to leave any fish purchased in our fridges until we close so you can enjoy a day on the beach, a bit of shopping or a pint in the pub!

If you fancy trying some of our fish cooked for you, we supply some lovely local restaurants & takeaway options!

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