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'Grab & Go'

Our famous Ready to Eat shellfish section!

We stock pots of cooked shellfish & crab meat, which are perfect to grab and eat on the beach. We also sell Prawns by the pint & large crevettes. All perfect for a delicious snack or beautiful lunch.

Shellfish pots £3 each 

Crab Meat pot £4 

Pint of Prawns £3.99

Crab & Lobster

We sell freshly cooked, local crab & lobster. So local that mist days they arrive still warm from the boiler! 

These are products we aim to have available daily, but this all depends on seasons and sea conditions. 

We sell our Crabs & Lobsters cooked, however, if you ever have one live, we have step by step guides HERE how to cook them!


Mussels & Oysters 

Our Mussels are all rope grown locally in Teignmouth. 

Oysters we have on the counter mainly during the summer months. However, if they are something you fancy, please pre-order and we can get these for you.    

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