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How to pick a Crab

We get many people in the shop wanting to buy a whole freshly cooked crab but are staying in a caravan or B&B etc and say they don't have the correct tools to have a go. However, the only equipment you actually need is a spoon! We are always happy to show you what to do when purchasing but we have also out together this easy guide for you to give it a go & enjoy beautiful fresh crab meat from the whole Crab!


-Firstly lay your crab on its shell so legs are facing up. At the back of the crab, behind the back legs you'll see a slight gap between the legs and the shell. Using both thumbs, push this up and the shell will separate from the legs.

- Using your spoon, you can now scrape out all the meat in the shell, all of which is edible! 

- On top of the legs will be a mound of meat. This also includes the gills (the parts that look like feathers). Many people believe that these "Dead man's fingers" are poisonous. This is NOT the case. Nothing inside a crab is dangerous. These gills are just impossible to eat as they are like feathers. Discard those and dig out all the meat that's left. 

- Remove each leg and both claws and snap in the middle, you will then be able to pull all the meat out. 

- You will be left with plenty of delicious white & Brown crab meat. Enjoy!  

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